Where did my summer go?

by Veronica on March 26, 2011

I was looking through the archives here this morning, because after this years terrible tomato harvest, I needed to remind myself that yes, I can actually grow tomatoes and that yes, in previous years, the garden has done very well.

Which unfortunately wasn’t the case this year. An early freak frost killed my entire garden, some bastard stole 17 of my ducklings and it got cold, rather fast. I was left wondering what happened to summer and all my grandiose plans of preserving lots of tomatoes and drying peas and beans and having lots of produce to spare.

The best laid plans and all that jazz.

My autumn crop is in now, turnips and kohl rabi, carrots and beetroot and lots of kale and greenery. Hopefully this lot will do well. We’ve covered the garden in chicken wire to prevent the chooks scratching up the seedlings, but from the mess of hay that is scratched around in there, I suspect the only thing that will actually keep the chooks out is a quick axe blow to their neck and a long slow cook. That is the plan of course, but first one has to catch the bastard things, which is not as easy as you would assume and is definitely more energy than I can be bothered expending. I might just ask my brother to do it all for me. Again. If I promise to feed him, I’m sure he’ll process the roosters for me when I’m feeling too lazy to do it myself.

Of course, things always work out better inside my head.

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