Before I was a mother, I used to work in a kitchen and it was amazing fun.

I worked with an amazing team to begin with and learned a lot. It was taken as given that when the final year apprentice qualified, I would start an apprenticeship and use ‘recognition of prior learning’ to skip the first year.

But then the kitchen got a new head chef and everything kind of went down the drain.

Shortly after I quit, I found myself pregnant to my partner Nathan. Seems that when you suddenly stop working and find yourself with all this extra time, babies happen. Who knew?

Amy was born in September 2006 and I have been a SAHM ever since. I remember when she first started solids grumbling about how much more prep there was involved in cooking for babies than there was cooking for customers. Also, kids are fussier than customers, by far.

When Amy was 6 months old, we started trying for a second baby. However, it took many many months before I was pregnant again.

Amy is now THREE! (with capitals and an exclamation mark, because THREE! so warrants it.) and Isaac, her baby brother is 1. He was born in January ’09 after a pregnancy that left me wondering how I actually managed to bring a baby home.

I still love food, even when my evenings are punctuated by hungry screaming and conversations with my partner about what to cook for dinner. I’m very sorry Honey, but ‘I don’t know’ and ‘Whatever’ are not in my repertoire of dishes.


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